Qiscus Omnichannel Homepage

Qismo is an accelerator package as a solution for customers service engagement. It is an integrated service which connects customers to merchants via currently available messaging services in the market such as Facebook messenger (FB), Line, WhatsApp, Telegram and of course Qiscus widget. It allows a merchant to gather all incoming messages from customers in one place and get back to them in no time.

There are several features that are provided by Qismo to support customer service related matter. First, messaging services integration. As mentioned above, Qismo is able to be connected to several available messaging services. In certain condition, it can also be connected to any custom integration.

Secondly, Qismo also provides filtering feature that can be used to filter which message is coming from what channel. It would be very handy when you are dealing with lots of customers.

In addition, Qismo also provides an agent management feature. This feature will help you to distribute your agents to handle incoming messages and view the performance of agents. Not to mention, Qismo is also providing a chat bot integration to help you automate your customer relationship.